First U-ELCOME Advisory Board in Bari (Italy)

We are going to organise the 1st U-ELCOME Advisory Board (ADB) Workshop in Bari (Italy) on the 24th of October 2023 catching the opportunity to offer to our Advisory Board members also the opportunity to attend the linked “Drones Beyond 2023” Conference and Exhibition event scheduled on the following two days in the same location (i.e. 25th and 26th of October 2023). See you […]

U-ELCOME Advisory Board Consultation Workshop at Bari, Italy

The U-ELCOME project is taking flight towards a future where routine commercial drone operations across Europe become a reality by 2026. We’re implementing U-space U1 and U2 services, and we’re eager to share our progress with you. Our mission? To reach TRL8, just one step away from full deployment. U-ELCOME spans across more than 50 […]