Objectives & mission

Operations & missions


U-space Airspace Volume in A Coruña

  • Monitoring of port infrastructure
  • Delivery of goods
  • Aerial support during emergency
  • Inspection of a ship
  • VLOS and BVLOS operations

U-space Airspace Corridor in Sevilla

  • Monumental Tour in Seville
  • Air Taxi Transport in urban area of Seville

U-space Airspace Corridors in Zaragoza and Canary Islands

  • BVLOS corridors & operations
  • Medical delivery between Hospitals
  • Coordination operations between drones and emergencies
  • Security threats and non-collaborative aircraft
  • Zaragoza Air Base (Military base) coordinations

U-space Deployment in Catalonia

  • Generalized and voluntary U-space usage
  • 24×7 business as usual by net of local operators
    Potential mandate on Barcelona seaside
    Airfield/heliport/U-space coordination
    Extensive use of Mobile network infrastructure coordinations

U-space Airspace Volumes in Jaén

  • BVLOS operations
  • Medical delivery to unpopulated are
  • Transportation chain between locations

U-space Airspace Volumes in Madrid

  • Medical delivery between Hospitals
  • Transportation of urgent medicines

U-space Airspace
Corridors in Valencia

  • BVLOS operations
  • Corridors between the main nodes in the community
  • Cargo delivery
  • Surveillance operations
  • Medical delivery
  • Manned aircraft operations n U-space

U-space Airspace
Volumes in Navarra

  • UAS Emergency support operations
  • Agriculture operations
  • Support operations with UAS to Manned
  • Aircrafts emergency misión
  • Inspection and surveillance
  • BVLOS operations

Operations & missions


U-space Airspace
Volumes in Vanice

  • Delivery of goods on islands
  • Medical cargo delivery on islands
  • Inspections in the lagoon

U-space Airspace
Volumes in Rome

  • Medicine transportation in urban env.
  • Medicine transportation in apt. env
  • Data acquisitionn

U-space Airspace
Volumes in Naples

  • Environmental surveillance.
  • Parcel delivery on islands in the Gulf
  • Data acquisition

U-space Airspace
Volumes in Milan

  • Infrastructure inspections near airport
  • Cargo delivery
  • Logistic

Operations & missions


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