U-ELCOME will be at TRA Dublin 2024!

As the demand for the use of unmanned air vehicles in urban settings grows, so does the need to ensure unlimited and safe cohabitation of all airspace users in our skies. U-space is a set of new services relying on a high level of digitalisation to support the integration of drones: U-space. This session will […]

The second U-ELCOME Workshop is coming next 9 & 10 April in Barcelona

U-ELCOME TO REALITY: FROM RESEARCH TO IMPLEMENTATION  2nd Workshop: 9-10 April 2024, Castelldefels, Cataluña, Spain  WHAT IS U-SPACE?  U-space is a set of specific services and procedures designed to ensure safe and efficient access to airspace for a large number of drones, and which are based on high levels of digitalisation and automation.  FOSTERING U-SPACE […]

U-ELCOME at Canso Drone event at the European Parliament

CANSO is hosting these days a Drone Exhibition at European Parliament from 19th to 22nd February 2024… and U-ELCOME is there! Thanks to the efforts of MEP Jan-Christoph Oetjen and his team, CANSO has successfully secured an exhibition space located on the 3rd floor of the Parliament building where some of our U-ELCOME DSD Project leaders are showing our #Uspace project. Thanks Eduardo García, too! […]

U-ELCOME will be next March, 20th at Airspace World in Geneva at SESAR Walking Tours

After first edition last year, Airspace World will bring together all the key players from aviation under one roof to collaborate on our vision for future skies next 19th to 21st February in Geneva (Switzerland). Last year, one of our U-ELCOME project leader explained at Boeing Theatre in Airspace World how a large European project […]

U-ELCOME F2F Meeting in Brussels

Last 29th, 30th and 31st January we kept the F2F U-ELCOME meeting in Brussels with all the Work Packages and the Spanish, the Italian and the French Cluster leaders to make the review of the project objectives, 2024 planning, prepare the technical project review, and organize the next DSD workshop that will be held in […]

U-ELCOME will be next 19 February at the European Parliament

CANSO will be hosting a Drones exhibition at European Parliament from 19th to 22nd February 2024… and U-ELCOME will be there! The primary objective of this exhibition is to highlight to MEPs and their advisers the crucial role played by ATM and UTM systems in facilitating the seamless integration of unmanned aerial vehicles into the aviation […]

As part of U-ELCOME, Honeywell and Pipistrel demonstrate ground control station for commercial drone within Italian Airspace

Honeywell, in collaboration with Pipistrel, a Textron Inc., company and leading electric aircraft manufacturer, ENAV, an Italian Air Navigation Service provider, and D-Flight, an Italian-based company providing air traffic management services for drones, marked a significant milestone in advancing the operation of remotely piloted aircraft within European airspace. The collaboration has resulted in a successful […]

U-ELCOME project’s Italian cluster has kickstarted its drone flight campaign

The U-ELCOME DSD Project project’s Italian cluster, led by ENAV, has kickstarted its drone flight campaign with various UAS operators conducting operational missions across Italy, benefitting from d-flight’s U-space services. In the months of October and November 2023, missions including emergency response, search and rescue, solar panel inspection, precision agriculture and territory surveillance took place in locations […]

U-ELCOME. More than 120 news (not only in European media) as a subject in 2023

Media Activity Date Link Air Traffic Management 05th DEC 2022 https://www.airtrafficmanagement.net/article/europe-wide-u-space-implementation-u-elcome-project  Unmanned Airspace 05th DEC 2022 https://www.unmannedairspace.info/latest-news-and-information/sesar-u-elcome-consortium-sets-out-objectives-and-demonstrations-in-spain-italy-and-france/  ATC Network 06th DEC 2022 https://www.atc-network.com/atc-news/europe-wide-u-space-implementation-gets-off-the-ground-with-the-u-elcome-project  Actualidad Aeroespacial 7th DEC 2022 https://actualidadaeroespacial.com/lanzado-el-proyecto-u-elcome-con-el-que-comienza-a-implementarse-el-u-space/  Info Dron 14th DEC 2022 https://www.infodron.es/texto-diario/mostrar/4103791/europa-pone-marcha-siete-proyectos-destinados-impulsar-space  AeroBernie 19th DEC 2022 https://www.aerobernie.com/2022/12/europe-wide-u-space-implementation-gets-off-the-ground-with-the-u-elcome-project.html  Suas News 29th DEC 2022 https://www.suasnews.com/2022/12/europe-wide-u-space-implementation-gets-off-the-ground-with-the-u-elcome-project/  Our Community Now 29th DEC 2022 https://ourcommunitynow.com/news/europe-wide-u-space-implementation-gets-off-the-ground-with-the-u-elcome-project  Drone Watch […]