The experimentation of U-space services by Rescue Drones Network OdV in U-Elcome continues

Specifically, the operational mission was helpful in supporting the Viterbo Police Department in the removal operations of a World War II explosive device. During the activities, drone operators tested the Network Remote Identification U-space service provided by d-flight and  enabled by the Pollicino tracker. This device and its integration with the D-Flight portal allow for […]

Drone Test Flight at the Hospital La Paz in Madrid

Hospital La Paz in Madrid hosted new remotely piloted drone tests to advance the definition of the European U-Space flight space. Making remotely piloted drone flights a reality in Europe requires the creation of the U-Space environment, which is a management framework designed to facilitate safe access to drone operations. The European U-Elcome project will […]

Experts analyze in Barcelona the challenges encountered during the initial phases of U-space implementation in U-ELCOME Project

The 3-year U-ELCOME Project, coordinated by EUROCONTROL and involving  51 European partners, organized the second U-ELCOME workshop in the Polytechnical University of Cataluña, in Castelldefels, Spain They have been analyzing interoperability between operators and U-space service providers (USSPs), U-space services, integration with air traffic management (ATM), common information services, communications, local engagement and regulatory challenges, […]

U-ELCOME was at TRA Dublin 2024!

As the demand for the use of unmanned air vehicles in urban settings grows, so does the need to ensure unlimited and safe cohabitation of all airspace users in our skies. U-space is a set of new services relying on a high level of digitalisation to support the integration of drones: U-space. This session put […]

Drone Demo Flights at Milan Malpensa Airport

Last April 3rd and 4th, SEA Milan Airports had the pleasure of hosting, at the Milan Malpensa airport, all the stakeholders involved in the demonstration campaign of the Italian cluster within the European U-ELCOME DSD Project. The objective of the meetings was to identify take-off and landing areas for flight operations with drone from the […]

U-ELCOME Italian cluster demonstration campaign has started successfully

From late January 2024 till last week (20-21 March) U-ELCOME Italian cluster is doing its demonstration campaign successfully. Last 29th January, Techno Sky (UAS Operator) started the monitoring of (ATM) CNS infrastructures with drones supported by u-space services provided by D-flight near Rome. Last 24th February, Rescue Drone Network OdV, external UAS operator acting as […]

The second U-ELCOME Workshop is coming next 9 & 10 April in Barcelona

U-ELCOME TO REALITY: FROM RESEARCH TO IMPLEMENTATION  A workshop dedicated to exploring the early stages of U-space services implementation.  9-10 April 2024 Castelldefels School of Telecommunications and Aerospace Engineering, Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain The U-ELCOME project is hosting its second workshop with the goal of fostering collaboration and providing a platform for discussions on key topics […]

U-ELCOME will be next March, 20th at Airspace World in Geneva at SESAR Walking Tours

After first edition last year, Airspace World will bring together all the key players from aviation under one roof to collaborate on our vision for future skies next 19th to 21st February in Geneva (Switzerland). Last year, one of our U-ELCOME project leader explained at Boeing Theatre in Airspace World how a large European project […]