Successful first BVLOS flight at Paris Corridor… and the streaming video at Paris Air Show

Last Thursday, all the attendees at Paris Air Show at the Centre de Conférence Viparis, had the great chance to watch by streaming and live experience the official and successful inauguration of the long-range corridor with a live BVLOS flight in Bretigny-sur-Orge. The drone took off from La Base 217 in Brétigny-sur-Orge and flew along the corridor to Le Val-Saint-Germain last 22 June.


During this flight, the U-ELCOME French cluster participants showed their solutions and services.


Ludovic Legros, the U-ELCOME project manager made a keynote about the project and Farah Luu introduced this special flight.




As Farah Luu, one of the U-Elcome leaders (the French Cluster) said, “it was an exciting inauguration of our very first long-range corridor in Paris region, dedicated to BVLOS flights. In spite of the bad weather, the timing was difficult, it was a successful success event”.

“This is the result of a great team spirit and efficient teamwork. Together, we managed to put in place in a very short time this live demonstration of a BVLOS flight operated by Parrot, enabled by the digital solutions provided by Thales and by the procedures implemented in our testing area of Brétigny-sur-Orge. Now that the corridor is operational and managed by Systematic, we hope to see many more drone operations in the French cluster, to help us validate and implement more U-space services”, Farah Luu


After this first flight, the next challenge is the deployment of a dedicated surveillance infrastructure at Paris corridor.



Here you can see the the streaming video of the flight

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