The experimentation of U-space services by Rescue Drones Network OdV in U-Elcome continues

Specifically, the operational mission was helpful in supporting the Viterbo Police Department in the removal operations of a World War II explosive device. During the activities, drone operators tested the Network Remote Identification U-space service provided by d-flight and  enabled by the Pollicino tracker. This device and its integration with the D-Flight portal allow for […]

Drone Demo Flights at Milan Malpensa Airport

Last April 3rd and 4th, SEA Milan Airports had the pleasure of hosting, at the Milan Malpensa airport, all the stakeholders involved in the demonstration campaign of the Italian cluster within the European U-ELCOME DSD Project. The objective of the meetings was to identify take-off and landing areas for flight operations with drone from the […]

U-ELCOME Italian cluster demonstration campaign has started successfully

From late January 2024 till last week (20-21 March) U-ELCOME Italian cluster is doing its demonstration campaign successfully. Last 29th January, Techno Sky (UAS Operator) started the monitoring of (ATM) CNS infrastructures with drones supported by u-space services provided by D-flight near Rome. Last 24th February, Rescue Drone Network OdV, external UAS operator acting as […]

As part of U-ELCOME, Honeywell and Pipistrel demonstrate ground control station for commercial drone within Italian Airspace

Honeywell, in collaboration with Pipistrel, a Textron Inc., company and leading electric aircraft manufacturer, ENAV, an Italian Air Navigation Service provider, and D-Flight, an Italian-based company providing air traffic management services for drones, marked a significant milestone in advancing the operation of remotely piloted aircraft within European airspace. The collaboration has resulted in a successful […]

U-ELCOME project’s Italian cluster has kickstarted its drone flight campaign

The U-ELCOME DSD Project project’s Italian cluster, led by ENAV, has kickstarted its drone flight campaign with various UAS operators conducting operational missions across Italy, benefitting from d-flight’s U-space services. In the months of October and November 2023, missions including emergency response, search and rescue, solar panel inspection, precision agriculture and territory surveillance took place in locations […]

U-ELCOME Italian Cluster flight demos took the flight

Today the official Flight demo campaign of the U-ELCOME Italian Cluster lead by ENAV starts. We are flying today in North Italy with 5 drones in contemporary for Search and Rescue operations and risk response and also on South Italy for inspection of solar panel performed by TopView are demonstrating the market uptake of #uspace services provided by D-Flight.   Several […]