The experimentation of U-space services by Rescue Drones Network OdV in U-Elcome continues

Specifically, the operational mission was helpful in supporting the Viterbo Police Department in the removal operations of a World War II explosive device. During the activities, drone operators tested the Network Remote Identification U-space service provided by d-flight and  enabled by the Pollicino tracker. This device and its integration with the D-Flight portal allow for real-time tracking of drones and enable other d-flight U-space services. These operations are part of the Italian demonstration cluster coordinated by ENAV, within the SESAR U-ELCOME project.

The operational scenario (in the Municipality of Viterbo) in the area where the explosive device was found proved to be particularly complex due to the aeronautical constraints in the overflight area. Thanks to effective coordination and the professionalism of the personnel involved, it was nevertheless possible to operate in full compliance with current regulations. The U-ELCOME project promotes the implementation of U1 and U2 services of U-space in Spain, Italy, and France, through real-world use cases such as goods delivery, inspections, and aerial work in urban and suburban environments. Operations like those carried out by RDN contribute to project activities aimed at the safe, efficient, and sustainable use of U-space services.

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