U-Elcome flies over Seville for three days

U-ELCOME Project has landed finally in Sevilla with three intense days (18-20th June) of flights, testing relevant use cases for ports such as medical logistics, shores and docks surveillance and volumetric measurements for supplies.


Bluenest team has successfully completed over 20 flights in adverse climate conditions thanks to the kind support of Autoridad Portuaria de Sevilla (facilities, staff and permits), ITG (UTM), and other relevant project members and partners. These tests are just the preparation for further demonstration activities to be carried out next October.

They have performed advanced nominal and off-nominal tests with the following equipment and tools, among others:

  • Vertiport control center software developed by Bluenest
  • DJI M350 RTK
  • DALIAH UTM developed by ITG
  • Network coverage and QoD APIs measurement developed by Telefonica
  • EASA C5 Class Mark Certified Kronos FTS and parachute from Dronavia
  • Dronetag DRI – Direct Remote Identification plus public Android Apps to check consistency and precision data gathering


The flights performed have provided a wide range of metrics in relation to distance, time, wind, noise, altitude, non-conformances in FPL (flight plan), cell coverage, tactical conflicts detection and DAR -Dynamic Airspace Reconfiguration- due to helicopters and boats.

These successful performance figures have shown the high efficiency and increased safety of the use of UAS in a port environment for daily routines such as measurements of stockpiles (2D and 3D), transport of goods (ship dropping and manual pick up) to other docks and perimeter surveillance. All this gathered information will be crucial for all reports preparation.

An amazing learning experience in the Port of Sevilla that demonstrates how the deployment of U-Space zones will unlock an immense potential and market uptake flying over water in port areas.

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