“U-ELCOME flight tests will touch everyone´s daily life in 2026”

The top radio program in Spain, HOY POR HOY in Cadena SER station, deals this week about how drone technology will touch everyone’s daily life.


“We have to get used to this strange word called vertiports: they are mini airports where drones will land to perform cargo or passenger transport. They will be the places where they will land or deploy vertically the future electric drones that will take us in a few minutes to the airport and with less traffic jams for the citizen shorten distances”, Nacho Rodriguez, Bluenest General Manager , a company integrated in the Globalia group that is already working on the future vertiports.


“European governments want to integrate passenger and freight drones as just another vehicle in cities so that drone operations that benefit citizens will be routine by 2026,” says Isabel Buatas, one of the Spanish spokesperson for the European U-Elcome project, developed by Eurocontrol with the support of CINEA.


“Faster goods deliveries, use in an emergency situation to get faster and more flexible responses, access to complicated places where we can provide a service or shipments of medical material between hospitals….. These are the operations we are testing in U-Elcome project”, Buatas says.


Spain is one of the countries, together with Italy and France, of the U-Elcome project, which is testing experimental flights with these drones in the skies of 8 Spanish cities in the next months as a preliminary step to their implementation.


Listen to the Radio Report, here [SPANISH LANGUAGE]


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