U-ELCOME was at TRA Dublin 2024!

As the demand for the use of unmanned air vehicles in urban settings grows, so does the need to ensure unlimited and safe cohabitation of all airspace users in our skies. U-space is a set of new services relying on a high level of digitalisation to support the integration of drones: U-space.

This session put the spotlight on some of the projects being developed by SESAR JU partners, with the support of CINEA, and explore what’s needed to realise the full deployment of initial U-space services for drones at multiple sites across Europe.

The SESAR 3 JU U-space research programme is by definition at the leading edge and has already achieved many European firsts. In 2022, SESAR demonstrations brought a new first to Europe with electrically powered vertical take-off and landing flights capable of carrying passengers, which will be the future air taxis. The deployment of the first set of U-space services is an important stepping-stone towards the full realisation of the vision for IAM foreseen in the European Commission’s recently released (29 November 2022) Drone Strategy for Europe 2.0.

This session pooled together leading figures from the European drone community as well as SESAR JU and CINEA urban air mobility research projects to show progress and discuss future research requirements. The session will close with a panel discussion aimed at exploring benefits to society, as well as the technical and performance requirements that are needed for a highly digitalised system to meet society’s expectations for safety, security, sustainability and social drone acceptance.

Delighted to contribute today at the Drones special session in the Transport Research Arena (TRA).

On behalf of our UELCOME- project, Marina Jiménez Navarta, introduced at Dublin our DSD Project: Ensuring routine commercial drone operations in Europe by 2026.

🎙️ Speakers:

➡️ Iliyana Simeonova, EUROCONTROL -EUREKA project coordinator
➡️ Marina Jimenez Navarta.EUROCONTROL
➡️ Bobby Healy, Manna Drone Delivery
➡️ Wassim Derguech, Future Mobility Ireland

🎤 Moderator: David Batchelor, SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking

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